Where Can I Find a Three Trailering Camera System Package by Echomaster?

Three Trailering Camera System Package by Echomaster

Quick Answer

A lot of places as long as you have the part number for the system. You also, of course, have to know what kind you need because the system comes in two flavors. There is the trailering camera for the Silverado that has the mirror extensions then there is the the trailering camera system for those Silverados with the standard mirrors. You only need to know which one you need and you can find the right one for you based off that information. Luckily, we have both types for you and, until supplies run out, you can get a special price on both of them but more about that later.

What You Need

What you really need are part numbers once you figure out what kind of mirrors you have in your vehicle. If you have the extension mirrors then you want 19353504 as those will work with your vehicle. If you have the standard mirrors then you will need 19355213. We will supply you links to both of those products in the sections below. All you have to do is click those links and you will go to those pages with the products. 

What We Know About You

Based on how many we send out of both types we can tell that you probably need the camera for the extension mirror style. It is, by far, the type that we send out most of between the two styles. There is a high possibility that this the kind you are looking for as well. if so, then you can, click this link and take a look at the product for yourself. If the price listed is discounted then we still have some left at a very good price. If they are the regular price then we are all out. However, we send out this model 99% percent of the time and it is probably the one you need for your very own Silverado.

A Little Different

Maybe you do not have the extended mirrors. If that is true then you can click this link because this is the kind you need for your vehicle. The same talk applies from above. If you see a sale price then we still have some left at that price. If we do not then they are all gone. How many do we actually have? At the time of this writing, we have 6 of each type on hand. However, when they are gone then the price will be raised back to the normal level which is, honestly, kind of a bummer. Either way, the part number you need is 19355213 if you ever have to look it up in the future. You could always just use the link above to find the part, however.