Touch-Up Paint Rules You Should Never Break


1. Always Clean the Area First

The first step in using touch up paint is always to clean the are where the vehicle has scratches or blemishes. It serves many purposes, but the main thing it does is that it reveals true scratches from surface problems. Many times it is the appearance of dirt and paint, possibly from another vehicle, that seem to show that a vehicle has a scratch or some other problem. However, a good cleaning reveals whether or not the automobile is actually damaged or scratched at all. The truth is that there are some cases where the vehicle is not damaged at all and just needed the cleaning to get rid of the debris left on it. A good cleaning not only saves you from a headache from dealing with a problem, but it also could save you money as you will find out if you need touch-up paints or not.

2. Always Get Rid of Any Dust on the Area

Rust is a problem if you have neglected the scratch or damage for a long time. The problem with rust is twofold. Rust mixes with paint and causes it to change color. It also sticks to clothes and can possibly stain them. Many a person has lost a pair of jeans, pants, or shirt because they accidentally wiped rust on themselves. Do not let this happen to you. Make sure you that you deal with problems quickly and save your clothes by not allowing rust to be a problem. However, if you do not get to it right away, make sure that you get rid of the rust using sandpaper or the abrasive tip some touch-up paint pens supply. Be careful of what you touch afterward and make sure that the surface is rust free before you start your touch-up paint work. If are not careful then you will have problems with off-colors and texture problems around the damaged/scratched/rusted area. Keep your vehicle as close to pristine condition as possible by being smart and getting rid of rust.

3. Always Get the Right Paint

The rule that is unbreakable is to make sure that you get the right paint for your vehicle. Obviously mixing paints is a very bad idea. You will have a multi-colored car that will stand out not because it looks good but because it looks odd. It is fine if you are going for this look, but it is not a recommended activity for you. Getting the right paint can be very simple as long as you find the right codes for your car, truck, or SUV. Take the time to figure out what you need and get those items in order to match the colors you want for your car. Do not let the paint dictate how your car looks because of the randomness of paint codes. You chose the color or colors you want and get your vehicle to a state where it looks like how you want it to look.

Make sure that you never break these rules above and you will find that you enjoy your vehicle for years to come. However, you will not enjoy your ownership of the vehicle as much if you do not follow these rules. You may be setting yourself up for more auto body visits and expensive work by professionals. It is better just to be safe than take a risk that can potentially ruin the look of your car, truck, or SUV. 

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