​Touch-Up Paints to the Rescue! Scratches and Chips No More

The first scratch or chip on any new vehicle is always very upsetting. You just bought it and you want to keep it pristine even though we all know that is an impossible task. Yet, it is what we shoot for after we buy a vehicle. Even the smallest of scratches will drive you mad because you know it is there. It will drive you mad if you keep thinking about it over and over. The simplest of actions can cause these little horrors. Missing the keyhole and slightly touching your paint can cause these scratches. Accidentally bumping the shopping cart against your vehicle. Even accidentally dragging the metal fastener on your watch across the door on accident will cause a problem for you. It all adds up to small little annoyances that will test your patience. The worst part is that they are too small for you to take it to someone because the return on investment is very small. It just does not make sense so you do what most people do and that is nothing. 

The answer to these problems, of course, is touch-up paint. Touch-up paint is the answer to all your little problems in one neat product. Manufacturers know that you cannot keep all scratches and chips away from your vehicle forever. They are the ones who are making the touch-up paint, or at least, the people who make the paint they use in manufacturing your vehicle. OEM paints or original manufacturer paints are the same paints that were used when your vehicle was made. They feature a 1 to 1 relationship, unlike some other paints. Aftermarket paints do not have anything to do with the vehicle until they make the paint, therefore, their color matching may be off or it may be on. It really depends on the company who makes the aftermarket paints.

 If you chose to use touch-up paints then you will have to choose between two kinds. One is a touch-up paint pen which is very popular and great for small scratches, chips, or dings. You can also find touch-up paints in spray cans, however, these may only be useful for larger jobs. Touch-up paint pens are said to resemble women's nail polish. However, that does not mean that you should use nail polish as touch-up paint or vice versa. They may be chemically similar but one of these items is chemically more potent and, therefore, dangerous. A touch-up paint pen is a diminutive item that resembles a pen, however, you will find a brush inside. It may also include an abrasive edge meant to scrub away dirt or rust.  If your scratch is small then a paint pen might be the right tool. You should know that many of these scratches disappear with a good washing, therefore, that is always the first step before starting to use a touch-up paint pen. You will find that applying the paint is similar to painting a finger nail. People who have done this or done this frequently will find this comforting as they will know how to apply the paint evenly. A good application of the paint will take care of most problems that are scratch, chip, or blemish related. An aerosol dispersal system is necessary for larger scratches. If you are going to use an aerosol applicator then there is probably a few things you need to do first because you likely have some significant damage. A professional may be the best way to approach this problem if the damage is too great. 

Painting is a skill and the more you do it the better you are at doing it. You can mess up your paint job if you are not careful. Make sure you take your time, read the directions, and use the paint wisely.Most sites ask you for a paint code before they deliver the paint to you. However, if you own a GM made car, then you can use our paint selector that skips the process of paint codes entirely. You will find touch-up paints useful no matter what you decide.

If you own a GM made vehicle then you are in luck. You do not need a paint code to find the paint you need. Just use our touch-up paint finder system. Just click here and follow the instructions.