​Towing like a Pro - Things You Need to Know Now

Attaching your first tow trailer is almost a magical event because that trailer makes trips so much easier to do. You should know that you cannot use any trailer or hitch that you want to use. It has to work with the vehicle you own or you run the risk of damaging your vehicle. Every vehicle has a certain towing capacity that you must know and abide by, in fact, there are some vehicles that should not tow anything at all. They may even have towing equipment specially built for them, however, the hitch might just cause the vehicle to drag on the ground which can cause a multitude of problems. How do you find out if your vehicle can actually tow anything? Your vehicle's manual is a very good place to look. 

Once you know if you can tow and how much you can tow then you can find out what class of hitch you need.  Classes range from 1 to 5. The discrepancy between the ranges is 2,000 for a Class 1 hitch and 10,000 and a bit above for Class 5. Remember you cannot choose to use a Class 5 just because you like the extra towing capacity. You have to know what your vehicle can accept before buying any hitches at all. 

What is the most common hitch? The most common hitch is the ball hitch. If you drive on the street right now then you are very likely to see some on trucks, cars, and other vehicles. They might be in use or they may not be in use. Either way, you will likely see them. A ball hitch accepts a very wide variety of accessories and items. They are useful for small recreational loads, which is why they are very common on the roadways. 

Weigh Safe Ball Hitch

Weigh Safe Ball Hitch

The larger class hitches are commonly used for industrial, commercial, or agricultural uses. If you see a horse box, farm equipment, or etc, then it is probably a higher class hitch.  An interesting type of hitch is a Gooseneck hitch. It also utilizes a ball mount. However, the ball is mounted in the center underneath the truck bed. The centrality of the ball lends itself to greater stability and weight distribution. A big plus when you are trying to haul something that has a lot of weight. Unfortunately, you will not find these on cars because the set up would damage the car. 

Another type of hitch is the 5th wheel hitch. They are also mounted to the truck bed. A 5th wheel hitch takes a lot more A 5th wheel hitch takes a lot more commitment because once it is mounted it will not come off. It is a permanent upgrade or no upgrade at all. It also finds itself mounted to the truck bed. You may find that you need an item called "sliders" for safety and to take those curves with greater success. Remember that everything ties back to your specific type of vehicle. You must find out your towing capacity and what types of hitches you can use before you buy anything at all. 

Once you have selected the right hitch for you and your car then you can expect to get it up and running quickly. You will have the power to haul a lot more things than the regular person. Just do not tell your friends or you might be the favorite friend they ask for when they need to move things. 

How do you know if you have too much weight? Use your Weigh Safe hitch. The Weigh Safe hitch has a built-in scale that allows you to weigh your cargo simply by loading up your stuff. Check out our selection of Weight Safe hitches by clicking here.