Trailering Camera for a 2015-2017 Chevy Tahoe

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Trailering Camera for a 2015-2017 Chevy Tahoe

1. The warranty is covered by EchoMaster

A lot of people think that GM or Chevrolet covers the warranty. but that is untrue. The warranty is covered by Echomaster and to be honest and blunt. They do a great job with it. We have not had trouble with them when our customers have had trouble with their product. We acted as a middleman between the company and customer. You call Echomaster tech support service and they find out what is wrong. Once that is done they start dealing with us and we get your shipment and we ship it to you. You actually are not alone in the process because as soon as Echomaster finds out what is wrong with your product then we get involved. We help you get through the process and make sure you get product you deserve and need.

2. Not all cameras are included

The other thing to understand is that there is the option to view what is going on through six different camera options, however, that does not mean all of those possible camera angles are included in the box. The truth is that some of these have to be purchased in order to use them. The cameras included in the kit are the left and right side view mirrors and the wireless trailer camera. All other cameras must be purchased separately in order to use them. 

3. You can actually see multiple cameras at once if you so desire. 

Speaking of the camera system, you can view 3 of those possible six by selecting them from the screen. You are not relegated to the one view, or even two, if you feel like viewing all three at once is necessary then you can do that easily. If you are turning a certain direction then the side view mirror camera will turn on to show you what is there. If you turn your signal off or if you turn and it turns off automatically then the three camera system will turn on again. We actually found a Youtube video of this feature in action. You can see it happen at a 1:41 into the video. Click this link and it will take you to 1:32 in the video which should give you time to adjust to what the man is saying and see the camera switching at 1:41. You can also watch the video to the immediate right of this paragraph of text.

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