Trailering Camera System Sale | Chevrolet Silverado

25% Off Echomaster Trailering Backup Camera Kit or System for a Pick Up

October 3rd to November 30, 2017

What are the part numbers on sale?

  • 19353504
  • 19355213

Can you tell me which vehicles belong to each number?

  • 1953504 is the camera system for a Silverado 1500 and HD models that have a GM trailering extension mirror
  • 19355213 belongs to Silverado 1500's and HD models that have standard side view mirrors. 

What are some of the key features of the backup camera systems?

  • You get a touch-screen menu option with six choices of which camera or cameras to view. You can view two cameras at the same time in some of the views available to you. Please note that some of the camera options will work as intended unless you buy the upgrades to these systems. Therefore, there may be only 4 views for you to choose from when you use the system.
  • The system can assist you with making sure that your blind spots are clear and safe.
  • You also have the option of selecting a camera for behind-trailer viewing. However, you need to either have or get the camera for that area because it is not included.
  • If you activate your turn signal then the sideview cameras will automatically activate for you.

Who produces the camera system?

The camera system is made by Echomaster. 

What cameras are not included in the packages?

The front camera, single camera, wireless camera, and CHMSL camera are not included and must be procured separately.

Is there a detailed list of which vehicles, specifically, work with each camera?

Sure. Click the links below to see a detailed list of which vehicles each type of trailering camera system. The links all open the links in new tabs inside of your browser.