Trunk Monkey Parts Coupon | Fourth of July Sale 2017

Every hot dog tastes better with a little ketchup... (Well, if you like Ketchup that is...)

How about adding a little something something to your Fourth of July fun by getting something really awesome for your ride?

Had your eye on something for a long while? Waiting for it to drop in price? Counting your pennies and nickels to afford that special something?

Let us give your dreams a little boost for Fourth of July.

How about 7.4% off everything with no minimum purchase?

Wny 7.4%? It is because it is the Fourth of July! 7/4/2017. See what we did there? 

All you have to do is enter the promo code: MONKEY4TH when you check out and you will get your discount.

Remember that parts are first come first serve. Do not let that thing you have had your eye on slip out of your grasp. Use the promo code and get it now.


How long does the promo last?

The promo code is active from 6/27/17 to 7/7/17. It actually ends at midnight on 7/7/17.

Are you going to backorder parts if I buy them and you do not have stock?

Yes. We will be honoring the price and sending you your order as long as you use the promo code and you bought the product in the allotted time frame.

What was that time frame again?

6/27/17 to 7/7/17. Ending at midnight of the last night.