Underbody Shields - What Are They?

An underbody shield is a great product that almost no one knows about right now which is highly unfortunate. A good underbody shield can help a vehicle keep its value for a very long time. If you combine this shield with splash guards then you have a lot of protection that a lot of people just plain miss out on mostly because they do not realize that the products exist at all. A good underbody shield can protect a vehicle from damage like no other product on the market can or will.

The underbody shield pretty much does what the name implies. It protects the underbody of the vehicle from mud, dirt, debris, and water or water like substances. The thing that most people do not think about is how water or other wet substances can rust and degrade parts of their automobiles. If the areas stay wet then they will oxidize just like any other metal. It is important to keep the underside of a vehicle as protected as possible for as long as possible. The action of doing such a thing can help you maintain the value in your car, truck, SUV, or van much longer than when compared with other vehicles of the same make, year, and model. It could be a great advantage to you when you go to trade the vehicle for a newer model or for a different vehicle altogether.

The important thing to keep in mind when purchasing an underbody shield is to think about how that shield will affect the other parts of the system it will be included with when installed. The difference here is the difference between OEM and aftermarket parts. OEM parts are made to work with the vehicle the way that the vehicle manufacturer intended in the first place. OEM made underbody shields are the same kind of shields you would find if the vehicle manufacturer had included them when you bought the vehicle. The nice thing about that fact is that the standard of quality is set forth by the vehicle manufacturer. You are assured of quality products everytime you buy the product. Standardization is a big idea and hope of every major organization in the marketplace. OEM parts strive to keep that quality so you know what you are getting every time when you get the part. It is the reason why many OEM underbody shields do not void the warranty when they are installed. The vehicle manufacturer is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the product and they can vouch for the efficacy of the product.

It is at this point that the difference between aftermarket and OEM is very apparent. OEM denotes that the manufacturer of the part or shield has a relationship with the vehicle manufacturer before they make the part. Designating something as an aftermarket part means that the manufacturer or the part or shield has no relationship with the vehicle manufacturer in most cases. The standards of quality do not have to be strictly met. The product could be better than the OEM-style, however, it could be lower as well. Aftermarket parts, for the most part, can be a wide selection of good and bad parts based on who is making the part or shield. It really depends on the manufacturer to supply quality every time because they are held to no standards. It means they can cut corners and they charge less because they are not told to do anything. You are rolling the dice if you choose to work with an aftermarket underbody shield maker. The product could be very good or it could be very bad. It is up to the manufacturer to police themselves.

If you are choosing to protect your vehicle then you should make sure that you use a shield that has all of your best interests in mind. You should research and make sure that you will not damage your own automobile when using or installing the underbody shield. Obviously, the quickest way to do this is to use a genuine OEM GM underbody shield, but you could opt to use an aftermarket product as well. You just need to know what you are getting into before you buy the product and you need to do the research to make sure that it is the right product for you. Damaging your vehicle from the use of a product designed to protect it is ironic and also disconcerting. You can easily avoid the situation with proper research. 

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