Unique Cinnabar Colored Corvette Profiled

A man owns a Corvette he calls, "one of one." The car is unique because the car was not painted by the manufacturer but the dealership. The dealership then proceeded not to use any of the normal colors and made a unique shade as seen below. The vehicle's paint number actually says, "SPEC" instead of having any digits. The owner calls the color "cinnabar".

Photo from: http://www.ocala.com/storyimage/LK/20170402/NEWS/170409859/AR/0/AR-170409859.jpg

Key Takeaways:

1. The Corvette was delivered to the dealer with only primer applied to the vehicle.

2. The dealership opted to color the car with a color made from bronze and pearl gold highlights.

3. The owner calls this color "cinnabar". 

Quote: "He researched the code and found that the car had left the St. Louis, Missouri, factory coated only in primer and later was painted by a dealer with the “cinnabar” shade of bronze with pearl gold highlights to match the factory interior." (Fillmore, 2017)

Link to article: http://www.ocala.com/news/20170402/readers-rides-one-of-one-corvette