Using and Purchasing Touch-Up Paints - OEM or Others

Touch-Up paints are amazing products that allow you to fix the scratches, blemishes, or cosmetic chips on your automobile.  You can find touch-up paints as pens or sprays, however, if you have small chips or scratches then the pens are probably a lot more useful for you.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results you get by using touch up paints, especially if you are using OEM touch-up paints. You can save a lot of money and get your car, truck, or vehicle back up to the pristine look you love.  You may ask yourself, "what are the differences between OEM and aftermarket paints?" OEM touch-up paints were created by the manufacturer or the vehicle manufacturer used to paint the car. You do not have to worry about matching colors or trying to figure out if the paint is the right shade. You get the color that was designed for your automobile in the first place without worry or hassle. 

Touch Up Paints

Small scratches are no problem for OEM touch-up paints. A good cleaning and well applied touch-up paints can solve these annoyances very quickly. No one will know that your car, truck, or vehicle was damaged. You may have trouble remembering exactly where the scratch was after applying the paint.  Some Touch-up paints also come with helpful tools such as tools that help remove debris from the scratch or blemish area.Unfortunately, we cannot give you a base time for the amount of time you need to let the paint dry because of variations in compounds in the solution and the respective heat of your climate. 

Fixing scratches and chips are relatively easy and can be done very quickly if a person knows the right steps to go about the process. You need to the clean the area around the scratch or chip before doing anything else. Touch-up pens with specialty tools for this purpose can be very helpful for this process.  The second part is applying the touch-up paint. The main thing to do here is to follow the directions as listed on the product itself. Variations in application processes make it impossible to tell you what you need to do here as your choice of product will affect what you do. For example, many, but not all paints require an air drying solution to finish the job. Whether or not you need such a solution will depend on what product you use. 

Something to Think About When You Purchase Touch Up Paints

How do you find the right paints for your vehicle? You have to know your paint color number. Honestly, the process of discovering your paint color is as easy as contacting your dealer or using the internet to search for it. However, there are some sites that make this process easy for you by skipping the paint color code altogether by showing you which products are right for your vehicle right away.  Most of these places are OEM dealers as they know exactly what type of paint you need because they know your car inside and out.  Getting the wrong paint for your vehicle is a terrible feeling once applied. You could ruin the look of your car by choosing the wrong shade because it will stand out from the other parts of your automobile. Make sure you get the right paint for your vehicle and the easiest way to do this is to find out your paint code and match that code to the paint. 

Click here to use our new Paint Code system. No need to write, remember, or fuss with paint codes if you own a GM made vehicle. Use our system and we will direct you to the right paints for your automobile.