Weigh Safe

If you need a hitch then you should get a Weight Safe hitch. You can get popular models such as a Weigh Safe 4-inch ball hitch with a 2-inch shaft. Click here to see that model or click here to see all the models you can get for your vehicle. You can also use the form at the bottom of this article to find more parts and accessories for your vehicle. Just scroll down to the form or you can click here to jump to the form now.

Weigh Safe hitches are genius little inventions that make your life so much easier. A truth that almost no one likes to hear is that you should always weight your cargo before going on your trip. It is because the manual way of weighing your cargo can be difficult to set up and the amount of weight you load onto the bathroom scale can easily over the maximum allowable weight for your scale. Knowing that your weight is over a certain limit is ok but actually knowing how much weight you are carrying is better. One is a still an estimate with a little bit of judgment and the other is pure based fact.

The law requires that you stay under certain weights in order to be safe. If you only know you are over a certain weight then you might not know if you are under that weight because it is higher than what the bathroom scale could test for anyway. You are stuck at square one if you make assumptions or use bad equipment for the job at hand. You might have a little knowledge about where you are but unless your hitch has a smaller carrying weight than the max capacity of the bathroom scale then you have problems. 

The Weigh Safe hitches do the weighing for you so you do not have to the do the bathroom scale set up or risk driving somewhere where they can weigh your cargo for you. All you have to do is load your cargo and stop when you are done or when the scale says it cannot take any more. It keeps you safe because you do not have to worry about trailer sway or other trailer related conditions that might otherwise make transporting your equipment very dangerous. If there is an easier system for weight your cargo for the common person then you should do that but this method is super easy and fast if you have the right hitch. The right hitch is the Weigh Safe made models.

There are tons of hitches made by Weigh Safe but a popular model is the Weigh Safe 4 inch drop hitch with a 2-inch shaft. It might be the right one for you and your vehicle. You have to be sure that you are getting the right one and that your vehicle can actually handle a hitch. There have been cases when people have used hitches too small or too large for their vehicle and had bad results. It can be even worse if your vehicle is not set up for hitches and you try to use one anyway. However, if you are going to use a hitch and you know your vehicle can use one and you do not have to use a 5th wheel hitch or a gooseneck hitch then a Weigh Safe hitch is the one you should use. The best thing to avoid an accident is to prevent it in the first place and these hitches do just that for you.

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