Weigh Safe 180 Degree Hitches

Ever need more than one hitch? You can now have two ball hitches in the same hitch thanks to the 180-degree hitch by Weigh Safe. You can have one ball hitch on one side and another ball hitch on the other side. If you need a certain one then you can just rotate to that side and make sure it is secure and get on with your day. It is a great invention that is sure to help you enjoy more trips and worry less about how to change hitches on the fly. You would have usually had to make special plans for those situations but now you can use the same hitch and get moving quickly.

The only downside of these hitches is that they do not include the built-in scale that the other Weigh Safe hitches have and you will have to keep that in mind. You still have to weigh your cargo but you will be able to switch ball sizes when you have to quickly and easily. If you have ever needed two different ball hitch sizes before then you will want to get this hitch so that you can accomodate those needs quickly and easily. All you have to do is look below and find the hitch that is right for you, your car, and your situation.

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