Weigh Safe Hitch FAQ's

People have many questions about the Weigh Safe hitches. We have taken some of the most asked questions and put them here for your eyes.

How much does the box weigh?

The box and the hitch weigh around a total of 21 to 29 lbs depending on which hitch you are buying.

How many different types of hitches are there? I do not mean sizes.

You can get one of two types of Weigh Safe hitches. You can get the Weigh Safe scale with a scale included in the hitch. You can also get a reversible hitch that gives you an option out of two different ball types.

Can I choose the sizes of the balls on the hitch then?

Unfortunately, no. The manufacturer designates and pre-machines the ball choices before you, the customer, or us, the supplier, get any say so. 

Are the two ball sizes standardized? Meaning... If I go to another store that I'll find exactly the same ball types?

Yes. You are correct. The ball sizes are standardized and will be the same no matter where you get your hitch.

Why would knowing how much weight I'm towing help? I've towed many things and never had a problem?

If you to have too much weight on your trailer then you risk trailer sway as seen in the picture to the right. If you have too little then you will have trailer sway as pictured in the picture to the right again. A Weigh Safe hitch helps you figure out what you need and you will know for sure if you are towing safely. We are not just talking about safe for other people either. We are talking about being safe for you, your family, and/or friends.

Have a question you want answered? You can call, write, or chat with us and we will do our best to get the answer for you. Maybe you will see your question make the list in the future.