Weigh Safe Hitch for a F250

The Weigh Hitch for a F250 and the 3-Inch Hitch Gold Rush that Came and Went

The short answer to this question is that your truck needs a 2.5 hitch. The drop is variable but what you are looking for is something with a 2.5" designation. You may be told that your vehicle is a 3-inch designation, however, that is rarely right. Truth be told, we have had a lot of people order a 3" inch hitch only to find it was the wrong size. They ended up having to send it back which costs the customer more money and ourselves as well. It is in our best interest to help you get what you need the first time to the best of our ability. It is the exact reason that we have made this post. We want to limit the number of mistakes and problems ordering before they happen. 

What Happened When There Was the 3-Inch Weight Safe Gold Rush?

Everyone was very excited when they got their F250 vehicle. The salesperson, whose job is to sell the vehicle, usually has a somewhat limited knowledge of the vehicle they are saying. The old saying goes, "enough to be dangerous." What they do not know at times is the exact nature of things on the vehicle because they are not pertinent or a question that is asked on a frequent basis when making a buying decision. A lot of times the size of a hitch is a throwaway question once a person has made the buying decision already. You cannot blame the salespeople, however. A lot of salespeople were incorrectly told that the trucks would have 3-inch hitches. However, it ended up not being the case. Many people ordered their hitches and found that they could not install them. There were a lot of returns in a short amount of time because people quickly found out that some misinformation had come out for whatever reason. Most people exchanged their 3-inch hitch for the right 2.5 hitch, however, that did not mean that there was not a loss of money incurred by both the buyer and the shipper. 

The Best Thing to Do

The best thing to do is to get actual confirmation that your hitch is not a 3-inch hitch. It may be smart to ask someone else other than the salesperson because they may not know the correct answer as evidenced by the problems mentioned in the previous paragraph. Taking the time can save you a lot of money that you would normally have to pay for shipping back the wrong hitch for your vehicle. You might be excited and want to get your hitch right away but it is prudent to wait and make sure that you get the correct hitch.

If you know, for sure, that you have a 3 inch hitch then you can click here to see the Weigh Safe hitches available to you. If you know you need a 2.5 inch hitch then click here and check out the rest of Weigh Safe's offerings for you.