Weigh Safe Three Inch Hitches

The three-inch Weigh Safe hitch almost seemed mythical at times because no one had it. It is also fair to say no one had heard if Weigh Safe was planning to make a three-inch hitch at all. However, those times are over as Weigh Safe has finally developed 3-inch hitches in their Weigh Safe line and their 180-degree style hitches. Great news if you own a truck because you might be one those people who need a three-inch hitch and could not find it online. 

Why use a Weigh Safe hitch? If you are worried about weight distribution then you should probably know how much weight you are are dealing with before you start. A Weigh Safe hitch helps you determine if you are carrying too much weight or too much weight because either of these problems can cause you trouble when you drive. All you have to do to weigh how much you are trying to haul is to load up your trailer as usual. The Weigh Safe hitch does all the weighing for you because of the built in scale. All you have to do is watch the scale that will be included with your 3-inch hitch.

If you have a way to weight accurately outside of the method detailed above then you might consider getting an 180-degree hitch? Why? You can switch between two ball sizes very quickly. Keep in mind that the ball sizes are provided in the product so you do not actually have a choice of which hitches you can use. However, if you need another size quickly then you should consider this option because removing and replacing a hitch can be a long process. You definitely want to avoid having to switch hitches very time you need another ball with a different diameter just because of the sheer time factor and annoyance required to undertake such a task. 

You might have felt neglected in the past but there is no more need to feel that way. You have hitches in both 180-degree and Weigh Safe weighed hitches to choose from right now. All you have to do is check out the links and find the appropriate system and type of hitch you want or need for your specific vehicle. 

You can get your Weigh Safe 3-Inch Hitch by clicking this link. You can find both Weigh Safe hitches and 180-degree hitches on that page.