What You Must Know About the WS-08

What You Must Know About the WS-08

1. Dust covers are black and they can be hard to find in the Weigh Safe box. You should check where the hitch and the hitch lock are located to try to find yours. If you do not see them there then they might be hanging out in the box. If they are not there then you should contact the company you bought them from in the first place. WS-08's we have received do not come with any packaging from the manufacturer, or, at least, individual packing. It can be easily unnoticed in the box and it can be easy to lose because of that fact as well. 

2. The dust covers are made of a rubber material. They are durable but they can be damaged just as much as any other rubber based product. You should be careful not to stretch it too much. Stretching can cause the material's strength to be significantly lower in areas and could cause tearing and holes that you do not want.

3. The dust cover actually fits any size of hitch in the Weigh Safe line as long as it is using the WS-03 lock. If you have questions about whether or not it will fit the one you are getting or the one you have then feel free to email, call, or chat with us on our website. We are more than happy to assist you and make sure that you are getting the right product. Mistakes not only cost you money but they tend to cost us money as well. It is in our best interest to try and get you the right product for your situation because it helps out you and us at the same time.

4. The dust covers are usually shipped in a 6x4x3 box if they are bought by themselves without any other products. We tend not to use yellow envelopes to ship this item even though they are padded with bubble wrap. We are worried about what kind of damage it would sustain if the item was crushed by a very heavy box or a number of boxes with a considerable amount of weight. Generally speaking, this item should fit in your mailbox with very little problems.

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