The Hitch that SAVES LIVES!
Weigh Safe is available in 4", 6", 8", and 10" adjustable drops as well as 2", 2.5", and 3" shafts to accommodate your specific application.

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Ensures Proper Towing
Pressure on the ball sends a reading to the built-in scale that measures tongue weight (lbs.)
GMC guidelines for proper towing states tongue weight should be no less than 10 percent of gross trailer weight (GTW) and no more than 15 percent. For example, tongue weight for a 10,000 pound trailer should be no less than 1000lbs. and no more than 1500lbs.

The Importance of Tongue Weight
The Weigh Safe Drop Hitch effectively measures the tongue weight of your towing load, ensuring that your vehicle is balanced properly and is safe to tow.
Injuries, fatalities, and loss of property are all preventable by ensuring proper tongue weight.

Weigh Safe Engineering, Features, and Benefits



Safety & Benefits



How big are these Weigh Safe boxes when you ship them out?

We have used a variety of boxes to ship these out, however, the one that seems to work the best is a 15x10x5 box. It is a snug fit but it gets the job done.

How heavy are these boxes with my Weigh Safe hitch in them?

A Weigh Safe hitch can weigh from anywhere between 19 and 22 lbs.

What should I know about Weigh Safe hitches before I go and buy one?

Weigh Safe has changed the design of their box at least three times. You should not expect to know how that box looks like before receiving it. How does this effect you? The way that the contents are arranged in the box are much different. If you do not make an effort to remember how things fit in the box then you might have trouble fitting it back in when it comes time to put it back. Why would you want to put it back? Maybe you are transporting it and need it off your vehicle for some reason. Perhaps you are letting someone borrow it. The point remains that getting it back in the box can be difficult.

Anything else?

A large portion of people were told that their trucks were going to need a 3 inch hitch. However, these people found out that their truck actually needed a 2.5 inch. The best thing to do is to check your specs before you order a hitch.