What Are Auto Socks?

Have you heard about Auto Socks yet? Do you know someone who has them or is thinking about getting them? Did you wonder, quietly to yourself, what are Auto Socks? If you have done that then you should take heart in the fact that most people have not heard of them yet, or, even have used them as of yet. We will tell you all about Auto Socks in the next few paragraphs.

Do Auto Socks Work Well?

Auto Socks do work very well on snow and ice if the user follows the instructions such as not going over 30 mph in cars and not going over 20 mph in some trucks. It would be dangerous to go fast in these conditions, however, there are many people who do so and it is a mistake. You should always be careful on snow and ice and you should always follow the guidelines of your traction device to ensure that you are going to make it to your destination safely. If you do follow the directions provided to you then you will have a much easier time than those people who do not follow the instructions.

How Do I Fit the Auto Sock On My Car?

One of the best features of an Auto Sock is how quickly they go and off a vehicle. We all know the feeling of trying to put on chains. There are people who dread the activity because they are not comfortable with doing it for a plethora of reasons. A person may not have a lot of experience putting the chains on. They may have had a bad experience trying to put them on which colors their future experiences of trying to put the chains on in a negative way. A person may have other reasons they do not like the activity as well. The great thing about the Auto Sock or Auto Socks is that they really do just slip over the tires and they are removable by the same fashion. You spread the sock over your tire and then reverse your vehicle so that you can compete covering your tires with the product. It is literally all it takes to install the Auto Sock. In fact, the reverse of that activity is how you take off the product as well. It does not take much time to install or take off the item. 

How Long Do They Last?

The Auto Sock is just like any other traction device. It has a limited amount of time that it works and that really depends on the conditions you drive on a daily basis. It also depends on how well you can follow the instruction of not going over 30 mph when using an Auto Sock. Admittedly, this might be a hard thing to do because other people on the road may be inclined to try and push you into greater speeds. The faster speeds can greatly reduce the amount of time the auto sock is useful for driving in slippery conditions. 

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