What are the AutoSocks Needed for My Kia Soul Exclaim?

Quick answer:

The AutoSock you need is the AS685. Your tire size is 235/45R18 according to Google. If the information is accurate from the search engine then AS685 should be the correct size for your vehicle. If that is what you needed to know then you can click here to get your AutoSock and make sure you can get through your winter without a problem. 

What if I have a different sized tire?

If you know your tire size then you can use the AutoSock sizing system to find the right AutoSock for your vehicle. If you do not know the size of your tire then you can look it up on the AutoSock sizing chart system by clicking here.

is there a way I can see it on my tire?

Yes. Most tires have their designations listed on their wheels. They are usually found on the tire's sidewall.

How do I know I'm getting the right size for my car? Shouldn't I be concerned with front or back wheel drive?

According to Google, your vehicle has front wheel drive. Therefore, most chain, cable, or AutoSock companies say that you only really need traction devices on the wheels that do the bulk of the work. Your front tires do the work in this scenario according to Google. Therefore, you want to check the size of your front tires to make sure you get the correct size for them.

What else should I know?

You should not drive over 30 mph with the AutoSocks installed on your vehicle. You risk damaging the AutoSock and not getting the lifetime value you would normally get out of them. You also cannot add more AutoSocks on your vehicle to negate the 30 mph value. No matter how much AutoSocks you have on your vehicle your ability to ride quickly and still have fully functioning AutoSocks is still limited to 30 mph. It is actually 20 mph if you are driving a commercial vehicle, however, your Kia Soul Exclaim is not a traditional commercial vehicle.