What Are the Part Numbers For Large z71 Emblems?

Looking for large z71 emblems? 

There are more than a few options.

You can see there are more than a few options. However, one of them is actually a decal.

If you are looking for a large z71 emblem then 23465290 is probably the one you are looking for right now. It is the largest emblem of any of the shown products other than the decal we have listed as another possible choice. Click here to go to this product.


  • It has the tactile feel of an emblem that you are looking for when you want an emblem. Let us face it. If you are looking for an emblem then you are probably looking for two things and one of those things is the tactile raised feel of an emblem.
  • The other thing you are probably looking for is the shine from the emblem. It is hard to deny that the sun reflecting off an emblem is not attractive. You can get that with this one.
  • The option you are looking at is also the largest of the emblems. If you want big dramatic impact then this is the emblem for you.


  • It does not say anything on it other than z71. It could be an advantage or a disadvantage based on how you look at it but we include it here because most people want their emblem to say more than just z71.
  • A common theme that will run through the advantages and disadvantages here is that the emblems will all have the shearing or tearing problem you might encounter when washing your vehicle. Things might get stuck on the edges of the emblem and they will tear and attach themselves to your emblem. You may have to stop and take it off to complete your cleaning of your vehicle. You may also have to get a new cloth more often then if you did not have the emblem or if you had a decal instead.
  • It is more noticeable and that will likely means that it will be more valuable to those who view it. It is because of this fact that there may be more people who try to take the item with varying degrees of success. If you factor in the possible damage to your vehicle in an attempt then you might have to think twice about getting any emblem at all.

23172678 is a smaller z71 emblem. However, it does have the 4x4 designation. It has some other features that you might be interested in and also some things you might want to keep in mind when you get this part. Click here to see the product.

  • It is an emblem. It means that you get the shine that you want and it is noticeable. Of course, if you put your vehicle against someone else with the same vehicle then you will notice that yours is different because of the emblem. If you are getting an emblem then what you are getting is prestige and bragging rights. You will stand out from others who also own a vehicle that is similar to yours.
  • You also get the tactile feel of an emblem. You cannot get that with most any other upgrade you can do your to vehicle on the exterior.
  • Do not like the color of the regular z71 emblem? You can get this emblem which has the silver or chrome finish.
  • It also includes the 4x4 designation with the emblem. If you want to add that extra oomph to your emblem then this one definitely has it for you.


  • You might not be able to call this a "large" emblem. However, it is a choice you could make to get one of these. We thought it might be appropriate to show it here since there are so few true z71 emblems.
  • The color of the emblem does not have that distinguishing red color. You may or may not want that color, however, we add this to the advantages and disadvantages because it all depends on your viewpoint.
  • We still have to mention that this emblem can get debris stuck in it. The debris could be cloth or it could be dirt. Either way, it is harder to clean than a decal would be because of the raised nature of the object.
  • 22774901 is included here as an option because you may not have considered using a decal instead of an emblem.  Of course, every option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Click this to skip ahead and see the product now.


    • It is the largest of any of the options. It makes it the most viewable.
    • It is much harder to steal because it does not have raised edges on which to grab.
    • It is far less likely to cause shearing or tearing of any cloth you use to clean your vehicle. You will not have random strands of fiber hanging from your emblem that are hard to remove.
    • Easier to clean in and around this emblem. You will not be fighting the edges of an emblem since the product is smooth.
    • The decal also mentions, "Off Road" which might be a plus as the other decals say nothing or only mention that the vehicle is a 4x4.


    • It is flat. It does not have the raised designs of the other emblems which may make it less noticable to some people.
    • It does not have the shine of an emblem.
    • It is possible the emblem may tear at some point. We have not heard of cases of this but it is a possibility.
    • It does not have the tactile feel of the other emblems. People cannot touch and feel the emblem other than the fact that it is smooth.

    23172677 is the final option. It features the chrome finish but also is one of the smaller options you could possibly get for your vehicle. It does not mean that this product does not have its own advantages and disadvantages however. Click this link to see the product.


    It is an emblem which means you get the tactile sensation of touching the emblem on your vehicle. It also means others can too. It increases the wow the factor of your vehicle quickly.

    It has the shine of an emblem which is always an added benefit to any vehicle.

    It is an adhesive based emblem which means that you can just about stick it anywhere you feel appropriate. it does not necessarily need to be used on your vehicle.

    It has the chrome finish. If you want the feel and look of an emblem without the in your face colors then this might be the option for you.

    If you do not like the superlative extra emblem adds 


    It has the chrome color. If you are looking for color then this might not be the right one for you.

    It is not as big as the largest z71 emblem on the page. It is much smaller than the largest one or 23465290.

    It does not have any other designations other than it is a z71 emblem.