​What does Weight Distribution Mean Anyway?

Weight distribution is all about one word and that word is control. Towing cargo has a few concerns and two of the biggest are towing capacity and the ability to control that weight while moving it across distance. We will be looking at the issue of control in this article. Namely, how well your trailer hitch and the vehicle can control the stress or weight you place upon it. The truth is that unevenly distributed weights can cause massive problems. Imagine playing Jenga in a car on a bumpy road. If you take one bump then the game is over because the structure falls over to one side or the other. The same happens to your cargo which can cause your vehicle to tip over on either side. The decision you must make correctly is what trailer you will use. It is a decision that can make or break your trip. You also have to make the right call when it comes to connecting the right towing hitch. Failure here could also make your proverbial house of cards fall down as well. 

How do you know if you made a bad decision? If your back tire is being pressed into the ground because of the weight and your front tire is suspended in the air because of the weight mismatch then you know you have a big problem. Hopefully, the problem will not be that bad but it is possible. Driving this way will definitely destroy your vehicle. You must avoid this. You must avoid this if it is even slightly a problem because long term driving like this will inevitably and irrevocably destroy the vehicle. 

We come back to what this article is really about and that is weight distribution. Luckily, manufacturers make this super simple for you by making a trailer hitch that evenly distributes the weight for you. Obviously, this is the type of hitch used for industrial jobs and other super heavy workloads. Weight distribution is the issue here because of the sheer weight and volume. If the vehicle is strong enough to handle the weight then it also needs it to be placed over a large area or it will buckle under the pressure in certain parts. The trailer hitch takes the weight and distributes it across the tires of the towing vehicle and the trailer itself to make sure that no piece of the structure, as whole, buckles. It limits the potential of damage to any system. It allows the towing vehicle to have control over where the trailer goes for braking and steering purposes.

The hitch has a bar that is used in conjunction with the vehicle attachment. The object helps the weight distribution of the vehicle and is one of the most critical pieces in the setup. The bar takes the weight the trailer and spreads it across the front axle of the towing vehicle and the axles of the trailer to stabilize the weight as a whole. The structure is stabilized because it does not have to deal with the weight through a single point of contact. It is forced, by engineering, to place the stress over a large surface area so that the system has a lot more material to which it can provide strength. You will also find another ingenious invention which is the inclusion of two spring bars on either side of the trailer tongue. They also help create leverage for your vehicle to use to control the weight and stress that you will place upon it. 

Weight distribution and its associated hitches should always be used if you are going to be transporting a lot of weight across a distance. Wondering about what type of hitches these are in general? You can usually find these as class three hitches. If they are class 3 hitches, then they can handle 10000 lbs of weight and 1000 lbs of tongue weight. However, you will find these provide a lot of strength and stability in relation to cost.  The hitch is a must if you are looking for stability and distribution of weight that you can trust. 

Remember to look at your manual to make sure that you can use this type of trailer and that your specific vehicle is capable of hauling the weight you will place upon it. It will not matter what hitch you use if you do not have the power you need to haul the load. If you cannot find the manual, then you can use the internet or contact a dealer who specializes in your particular model of transportation. Just remember that checking your information before doing anything is the best thing to do. Getting the right combination of power and stability is the best way to guarantee your safety and the success of your trip. Do this well and you will find that you have a safe and happy vacation or trip.

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