What Facts or Tips Should I Know Before Doing Anything Having to Do With Touch Up Paint?

Touch-up paints can seem like a straightforward process for most people. However, there are some people who are definitely afraid to use the product. Let us face it, a car, truck, or SUV is a big investment. No one wants to ruin his or her vehicle with shoddy workmanship. The fact is especially true if the person does not have a lot of experience with the product beforehand. In fact, it is very true to say that having a shaky hand while applying touch up paint could be a major problem. It could take a minor scratch to a major paint job that needs to be done by professionals. Luckily, this all can be avoided with a few tips and following the directions on the product itself.

You Should Always Clean the Spot First

The first point of emphasis is probably the most obvious. You should always clean the area first before applying the paint. Debris around the area could cause textural differences that are noticeable to the touch or sight. Either of these problems can be very troublesome and are easily avoided with a good general cleaning. It is not a fallacy to say that the cleaning may actually fix the problem itself. Many scratches are not actually scratches but forms of dirt or other substances that just need to be cleaned. It is smart to check this first before you start the job of applying the paint to the area.

 We should also mention that many of the touch-up pens include a specialty tool that allows you to remove rust before applying the paint. However, there are some that ask you to use sandpaper to remove rust from an area. Either way, caution is key, as you do not want to damage the vehicle while preparing the area for paint. Rust can just as easily cause the texture differences we have talked about previously not to mention that it has a tendency to mix with other substances to change the color of paint if not removed before application.

 Does the touch-up paint come with a cleaning tool? The answer is sometimes yes. It really depends on which kind of paint you buy and what style it is when you buy it. Touch up paints come in a variety of forms including pens and sprays. The applicators differ in what they offer the user during application and the general painting/cleaning activities a user engages in while painting their vehicle. If the paint does offer a tool, then you should use it for best results unless you already have experience, then you should do what you know to be best for you and your automobile.

 OEM vs Aftermarket

 How do you know you are getting quality paints? The easy way to answer this question is to buy OEM paint. What is OEM? OEM means original equipment manufacturer. Does this mean that the company who made your car, truck, or SUV is going to be the one supplying you with the touch-up paint? Yes and no. OEM in the auto world means that you are getting the part or paint from the company who made that specific part during the production of your vehicle. The car, truck, or SUV you own may be made by GM. but ACDelco supplied the paint they used to do the paint job, therefore, ACDelco paint is considered OEM. ACDelco paint is considered “approved” by GM and is OEM paint. Aftermarket paints may or may not be as good as their brothers or sister OEM paint. The company who supply those paints had nothing to do with the manufacturer of your vehicle until they made that specific part or paint. It does not have the seal of approval from the manufacturer, and honestly, the results you get from using the paint may vary greatly. OEM paint is the safest way to go if you do not already know what you are doing.

 Touch up paint is a great product, but there are a few things you should know about its use such as the information in the paragraphs above. Knowing a few critical things about touch up paints and its use are essential to being successful in its application. Make sure to read through this text a few times and then go search for your paint codes to fix those scratches and blemishes.

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