What is a Molded Carpet Anyway?

You might peruse around different sites and look for a front and rear floor mat for your car. One of the questions that could come up is, "what is a molded carpet anyway?" You will see this type of mat sold on most sites, however, the problem is that most sites do not tell you what it means and expect you to know what it means when you buy the product. The good news is that the definition is not really that difficult to understand and once you get it then it is not a problem.

What is a molded carpet? A molded carpet means that it was molded to fit your car or vehicle perfectly so that you do not have trouble with it sliding around. At least that is the intention as there are situations where it could do that anyway but that has to do with the forces applied to it during your driving endeavors. Most carpet mats have retainers that help hold them in place so that problem has become less and less of a problem as better technology comes out from year to year. However, the fact that the mat is molded and could have retainers that are meant to work with the mat mean that it probably will no slip around while you are driving.

What would be the problem with slipping around your car? The carpet mat can impede your ability to accelerate or decelerate and, ultimately, that affects your ability to drive accurately and safely. We tend to forget that we are driving a machine that can go 100+ miles per hour and actually does not usually move at speeds slower than 25 mph. If you are not able to stop those speeds then you could have serious injuries, or, at least damage your car or vehicle to a great extent. The same could be true if you cannot speed up. Many drivers love to test their vehicles on the road or just flat out late for something. It means that they will try to accelerate behind you and you have the choice to get over to the next lane which is not always possible, you can accelerate till you can get over so that they do not hit you if they decide that ramming you is a better solution than slowing down, or you can just keep going the way you are and hope they are not willing to sacrifice their vehicle, your vehicle, and both of your current states of health in order to get their destination. If you cannot accelerate or decelerate in either of these instances then you will have a major problem. If your mat gets stuck behind either of your two pedals then your car will have a slower reaction time because fo the time it takes to move the carpet so that you can accelerate or decelerate. It is better not to encounter this situation in either case.

Molded carpets are what you want for your car and getting those carpets can and will help save your life even if you do not notice it. It is the little systems that we do not pay attention to that usually have the greatest effect on our ability to do things that we need to do on a daily basis. The ability of a carpet to stay out of your way when driving is paramount to safety and that is why you should have a molded floor mat for your car.

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