What is a Pontiac Vibe Door Check?

What is a door check? It is a very good question and it is a question that most people do not bother to ask themselves until they are forced to ask the question. The door check is something that people do not think about similar to the window regulator. We do not think about the little things or conveniences we take for granted when we drive our vehicles. We just go our merry way until something stops working then it occupies a lot of our mind. The door check is one of those things we just do not think about and we really should because it explains a lot when something stops working.

Pontiac Vibe

Interestingly enough, there are many reports of the Pontiac Vibe door check failing. If you own a Vibe and just read that sentence then you probably have a very confused look upon your face. Owning a Vibe never brought up the idea of a door check unless you were thinking about checking your door to see if it was closed. The truth is not too far off from that thought process, however. The door check actually does something very similar to this but automatically without you having to think about it. What does it do? The door check makes sure that the door does not close too quickly and it makes sure that it does not stay wide open either. If you have a problem with either one of these activities then you probably have a problem with your door check. We have read reports of people bending them back into place but finding out that they cannot have their window open or else their door will not open or shut.

If you have a Pontiac Vibe then you obviously love the vehicle. Pontiac stopped making some time ago and you have had many opportunities in the years since then to get rid of the Vibe, however, you still use it. Maybe you have made several good memories in that vehicle. You may have brought home a beloved animal in the automobile who is no longer with you and you are holding on that memory. You could have brought your kids home in that vehicle. Whatever the case may be the truth is that you want to keep the vehicle and having it in working order is high on your list of things to do. You know you are going to get a Pontiac Vibe door check so that you can continue the life you lead with that vehicle.

Pontiac Vibe door check 1

The problem becomes what kind of Pontiac Vibe door check do you need? You may be confused because you might ask yourself if there are more than one type. Technically, the answer is no. However, the real answer is yes and the sooner you learn the difference between the two the better off you will be in the long run.The two types are OEM and aftermarket. If you do not know the difference between the two then have no fear because we will break down the differences in the next few paragraphs. 

OEM basically means that the vehicle manufacturer or the company who gave them the parts for your vehicle during production is supplying the part to you. Other industries do use the OEM label, however, it is slightly different when they use the terminology. OEM usually means that the manufacturer of the piece or part is going to be the same company who gives you the part. For example, if you buy Quaker Oats then Nabisco is sending you a new box if you find yours is defective for some reason and that is OEM or original equipment manufacturer. However, in the auto industry the vehicle manufacturer can send you the part or the company who supplied them with the part is going to do it. For example, if they used brake fluid from another company then they will send you the fluid they used when your car, truck, van, or SUV was produced. The OEM part supplier is the company who supplied those fluids or parts. The quality of the product is assured by the vehicle manufacturer because standards have to be met in order to call it OEM.

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The last paragraph underlines the problem with aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts tend to be cheaper but they do not have the same quality standards. It is not to say that the aftermarket parts cannot have the same or better quality standards. It is to say that the enforcement of such rules only exists within the organization the vehicle manufacturer does not have a relationship with the parts maker. It is up the aftermarket parts manufacturer to police themselves and deliver quality products. The truth is that a person buying these parts could be playing a dangerous game of chance if they do not do their homework before buying the parts. 

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