What is Carbon Flash Metallic?

What is carbon flash metallic?

You might find this on a lot of listings for car parts. It might even confuse you if you have not been around the cars for very long. It should because it is another one of those terms in the automobile industry that you will not understand unless you are in the industry along with words like OEM and aftermarket. it is our hope that this article will help you understand what carbon flash, metallic or otherwise, is and why you would want it for your car.

The simple answer

The simple answer is that it is a style of paint. If you are looking at "ground effects, carbon flash" then you know you are looking at ground effects that are going to look like a very shiny metal color. Many Corvettes already use the carbon flash color and this is why you want to get this style of paint for your specific part. You want all your pieces to match or you want to begin changing over all your accessories or pieces to this color. 

Why Do They Not Just Say That?

The answer is probably very complex but mostly has to do with the fact that people who need to know the vernacular will learn it off someone who does or they already know someone who does and has mentioned it in offhand conversations. You are probably not one of those people if you are reading this article. You are, very likely, a new Corvette owner looking to upgrade your car and you keep running into the term "Carbon Flash" as if it is another piece of equipment you can add to your car. You probably questioned if it was the part you need and if it is something you are supposed to have already. 

 Why is it so popular?

The reason it is so popular is because of its look. It is a very clean, polished, metallic look that screams sophistication. We have mentioned this before in our articles but the whole reason to get a Corvette is to impress others. Once you have the Corvette then the name of the game is impressing other Corvette owners. You get things like "carbon flash, ground effects" because of how they look and how they look to other people. The general populace will notice that your car is good looking and they might notice that it is different because of something. A Corvette owner will look at the car and they will notice that it is different than theirs and they will know that it is because you have the carbon flash, ground effects. If they do not already have those pieces then they will think, "I want those too". It is just how the game is played when you own a Corvette and it is the exact response you want to get.

The carbon flash does not just have to be for ground effects either. It can be found on Jake hood decals, rear license plates, front panels, emblems, and more. You can really trick out your car with carbon flash styled accessories if you wish. Standardization of accessories and parts in any car or vehicle is impressive and it shows sophistication and a plan to upgrade whereas most people haphazardly upgrade their cars based on their current fancies. 

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