What Is In A Weigh Safe 180 Degree Hitch Box | Review?

One of the worst things that can happen to you when you get something is that you might already be missing something and you do not know it. Most of the time companies include a manual or a shipping manifest of what they sent but what do you do if they did not send one or it got lost somehow? We pondered this and we thought we would show you exactly what is in an 180-degree Weigh Safe hitch box. You can get an idea of what to expect and you get a good idea of what is supposed to be in the box when you get it. 

What are you getting when you buy an 180-degree ball hitch from Weigh Safe? Take a look below at our unboxing. Check to see if you have everything or just see what you should be getting. You do not have one yet? Click here and get yours.

Outer Box:

Inside the box 1. Notice the instructions in the box here. They cover the rest of the pieces.

Inside the box 2. Somewhat surprised to see foam covering the pieces here. Never hurts to be safe.

Inside the box 3: Here we see the contents of the box. We have the two sided ball hitch and the rest of the contents.

Here is your two sided ball hitch. Notice the difference in the sizes of the balls.

Here are some very important clips. You want to make sure you have these and that you do not lose them. If you want to see where they go then click here and you will be taken to an ending photo that shows you where these two pins go.

Here is where you connect the previous piece. You will see the double bolts. You will want to remove this and replace it after you add your ball hitch to the device.

Side view of the same device.

The double pin is being removed in the picture below.

You also have to remove the pin in the circle below.

Here is what the circle hole looks like from beneath the device. You can see a circle there and what looks like a place to place a screw or to unscrew the pin from the device.

However, gentle tapping tends to dislodge the pin. You can also try to push it down with your fingers through the circle. Grab either side with your thumb and forefinger. Your fingers may or may not be able to do this. We are unsure if there is a recommended tool to do this at this moment.

Here is what you should have released at the end.

Below is the finished product.

The one thing we did notice when putting this item together is that it did not come with a hitch pin or a hitch lock. You will want those two items. Note that you will not be able to use this item without a hitch pin.

Side Note: If you came here to see where those two little pins go then click here to return to your place.

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