What is the Width of a New C7 Corvette Seat

An interesting question that has recently come to light is that some of you might be wondering what the width of a C7 Corvette seat is exactly. Niko was kind enough to go outside and check for us. Here is what he found:

  • 18 inches around the shoulders
  • 19 inches around the side bolsters
  • 19 inches around the bottom bolsters

What Else You SHould Know

Bolsters also mean cushions. You can also read the measurement as "side cushions" and "bottom cushions". Hopefully, these measurements help you find what you need and give you the measurements to figure out if a solution exists for you. You can always call us, write us, or chat in with us as we are always happy to help you with any questions you might have for us. We can answer weird questions for you including a question like "what is the width of a new C7 Corvette seat?"

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