What Size of Auto Sock Fits EP 422 tires?

An interesting question we had come to us was "what size of AutoSock fits EP 422 tires?" Why is this so interesting? It is because EP 422 is a style of a tire and not a size. We actually had to go find out what sizes this tire comes in and then relay the information back to the person. How many different sizes of this tire are there? At least 5 different kinds and we will try to figure out which AutoSocks fit each one so that you can just come to this page and find the AutoSock you need for your ep 422 tires. 

Clearing up the Confusion

Keep in mind that it gets confusing when you buy an AutoSock. If you go look on Amazon then you will find that they refer to them as "Lifeline AutoSocks". The problem with this is that it confuses you, the consumer, and it can confuse us, as the seller. The truth is that Lifeline mostly makes workout equipment and they do not have any kind of association, as far as we can tell, with AutoSock. How did the designation get on the page? Amazon is an interesting place where they use the original or most popular description to sell an item. Whoever originally sold AutoSocks incorrectly attributed AutoSocks to Lifeline and now they are stuck with that designation as well because the listing does not get updated and probably will not get updated unless the original sellers modify their listing.

McGee AutoSocks

McGee AutoSocks and regular AutoSocks are the same. We looked into this association and it seems to be real. What McGee seems to be is the company that brought AutoSocks to the US. They are traditionally a European product. If you go to the official US website for Autosocks then you will find that the "contact us" page actually mentions the McGee company as the contact. Therefore, McGee AutoSocks and AutoSocks are the same things because McGee seems to be the official outlet or supplier for the USA.

HP AutoSocks

Actually, this is still a confusing designation. We cannot find any reason the HP is different than the regular AutoSocks. It seems to be from older models where saying, "high performance" actually helped sell a few units. Therefore, and we cannot be 100% certain of this, it was part of a marketing campaign to sell it to certain types of people. What we do know is that all outlets that carried the HP version are out of stock and the McGee company has no mention of an HP version.

P185/65R15 (P185/65R15*86H) and P185/60R15

If you have either a P185/65R15 or P185/60R15 tire then you are looking for an AS600.

Availability: The AS600 is usually pretty available. Smaller vehicles are the vehicles with this tire size. Vehicles like Smart cars and some electric vehicles. There are not many of either on the road and you will probably have a pretty good chance of picking them up quickly.

Do we carry them: Yes. We carry the AS600 and they do not run out as most people do not drive vehicles with this tire size. 

195/55R16 (P195/55R16*86V) and 

Interestingly enough, P195/55R16*86v also uses the AS600 AutoSock which is great news for you if you need it for your vehicle. You should have no trouble finding this size because most people do not need  it and cannot use it.

Availability: Very good. The low amount of vehicles that use this wheel size makes it much easier to find the right size for yours.

Do we carry them here? Yes. We do and we have more than enough (at the time of this writing) to send one your way without delay.

P205/55R16 (P205/55R16*89H)

P205/55R16 version EP 422 uses a AS645 AutoSock.

Availability: Scarce. The tire size you are looking at or own fits the 645 AutoSock. The 645 AutoSock is one of the most in-demand sizes because of the sheer number of vehicles that have this size tire or something similar to this size of tire.

Best Advice on this AutoSock size: Call, chat, or write before you buy to make sure that the place you are ordering from actually has this size in stock. The AS645 AutoSock tends to sell out quick and you do not want to waste your time. If you find one in stock and you know what you want to use an AutoSock as your emergency traction device or your regular use traction device then you should buy it as soon as you confirm that it is in stock.

Do we carry them? Yes. We do. We have them in stock at the time of this writing. However, they do tend to move quickly, We recommend calling us or chatting with us. Email might be the slowest option out of those two options, therefore, you are better off calling or chatting in if you know you want this product. 

215/55R17 (215/55R17*94H)

215/55R17 uses the AS685. It is not a common size, or at least, we have not noticed this particular AutoSock moving faster than any other. It means that you probably will have an easier time finding this AutoSock size than you would if you were looking for an AS645. It could have a rush but it is unlikely.

Availability: Good. People who have this size of tire either do not know about AutoSocks or feel their vehicle can handle what the weather. Either way, the news is good for you because you should be able to find the AutoSock you need fairly easily.

Do we carry them? Yes. We carry these and we have plenty of stock.