What the Heck is an ACD 21012386?

What the Heck is an ACD 21012386?

The Quick Answer to the problem:

AN ACD 21012386 is a 2014-2016 Cadillac ELR brake hose washer or GM 21012386. It is basically a little round washer that is usually sold individually. Most of the time, the consumer thinks that they are buying 10 but they are actually only buying one at a time. A big problem most of the time as you can see. It is another case where the disconnect between how a manufacturer and seller talk about a product are different than how a consumer thinks or talks about a product. It could be made so much clearer if the manufacturer or seller would go to the buyers level to set the expectation of what they are actually getting and what a product actually is when a user buys it.

More on the miscommunication problem:

We have talked about this multiple times on this site but there is a massive disconnect between how the populace talk about a product and how the manufacturers or sellers talk about a product. It is a problem that should be solved. Why? It makes it extremely difficult for sellers and buyers to find each other. Both sides experience frustration and no one get the end result they want. The solution lies more with sellers than buyers. Of course, buyers could choose to adopt language more in line with how sellers and manufacturers talk about their products but it really should not be on the buyer. Sophisticated buyers can and will often talk about products the way the manufacturers do after they have some time and seasoning in the marketplace. However, if you are new and you do not know the difference between a stage 3 spoiler and a regular spoiler then how are you supposed to know what to call something like a stage 3 spoiler. 

The same problem exists with a product like an ACD 21012386. A person might be using ACD because it is easier for them. Let us be totally honest here, ACDelco is not the easiest thing to spell for most people who do not buy, sell, use vehicle parts all the time. If you do not know how to spell it then you are likely going to put down what you know in the search engine and hope for the best. They may even add the part number which is extremely helpful in this case. Using a part number will very likely get the right product to show up. Yet, we still come back to the same problem that we have talked about before and that problem is that there is a massive disconnect between how the consumer is talking about a product how a person in the industry talks about the product. If a person is smart enough to know that they should use a part number to find a product then they are probably someone who has, at least, a little experience in the parts industry through looking for parts or working around them. What people need is for manufacturers and sellers to talk about products in the way they are already talking about the products they want and/or need.

A product like ACD 21012386 should be talked about in that fashion because that is what the marketplace is asking for instead of ACDelco 21012386 to be used as the search term. A normal person is going to be confused for a long time before they realize the proper way to ask for the item that they need. It takes a certain level of sophistication to know you should use a part number to search for an item. If you do reach that point then the conversation is moot, however, until then you will always have questions like, "what the heck is an ACD 21012386?"

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