What You Must Know Before Getting a Weigh Safe Hitch

What We Wish You Knew Before You Buy a Weigh Safe Hitch

1. Always check to make sure that you know what size of hitch you need. For example, the 2017 Ford trucks do not all come with a 3-inch hitch receiver. We have had many people buying a 3-inch hitch for this reason only to have to return them because they found out it was wrong for their vehicle. The problem with this is that the buyer has to pay return shipping, in most cases, to exchange it for the correct size. Not only does the customer lose money in this scenario but we do as well because that is a hitch that could have been sold to someone else. 

2. There are actually two types of Weigh Safe hitches. You can get the 360 hitch which means you have two different balls in the package. However, you cannot choose which sizes they are, they come as they are machined. Keep in mind that this version does not have a scale attached to the hitch. The other version is the more traditional hitch which does come with a scale. It is probably the one that 99% of the people are looking for when they search for Weigh Safe hitches. However, people do make mistakes and you want to make sure that you are ordering the correct type. WS means that you are getting one with the scale. TB means that you are getting one with the reversible ball hitches.

3. Make sure you do not throw any of the packings away. If the product gets scratched on its way back to us then we cannot refund your money. Unfortunately, what most people do is tear open their box and then take out everything in that box and throw it away. They then attempt to ship it back to us because it did not fit. They send it back to us loose in the box and it comes back to us scratched beyond belief. Please keep everything in the box so that you can send it back properly or you will not get a refund or exchange.

4. The box is not small and has a fair amount of weight. It is a medium-sized box weighing in around 21 to 29 lbs. Keep that in mind when you are thinking about where to send the item. it will not fit in your mailbox and it probably will not fit in a post office box either. You might have to make a plan to go pick it up during post office hours to get it. Any international orders also will have their import taxes associated with this item. We do not know how much that would be for your situation so it is best to check on it before it arrives in your country so that you do not get a nasty surprise.

5. If you get a WS-08, a dust cover, then you will find the dust cover in one of two spots. 1. It could be located with the hitch pin and key. 2. It could be somewhere in the box altogether. Generally, we like putting the item with the hitch pin and key. However, there are times when this does not make sense. If you do not see your WS-08 cover right away then do not panic. It is probably in one of those two places. If you still cannot find them then please let us know by email, chat, or phone call.

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