What You Should Know Before Buying a Corvette Transparent Roof Top

If you are considering buying a Corvette transparent roof top then are a few things you should know about the top, the buying process, and the return process if necessary. Truth be told, we have not had many returned to us because they are hard to get at times. However, we will tell you what you should be looking for when you open your Corvette top. If we ship this item with insurance and what the deal is with the actual color of the top itself. We know many of you get confused with the color scheme and you have a very good reason for it. At any rate, let us talk about 3 things you should know before you get your Corvette transparent roof.

Black Corvette Top

1. The screen on the top looks blue, black, or transparent depending on where and how you look at the product. It is one of the most confusing elements about a Corvette top and why people who want the product do not end up getting it. We have found that some people are searching for the Corvette top  as a blue top, a black top, or a transparent top. The truth is that it is all three depending on what angle are looking at it. We tend to see the Corvette top as black because we see it from an angle where the sun would normally be shining down onto the vehicle, or over the top of the Corvette.

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Blue Corvette Top - Same Top From
Above But A Different Angle

2. The most important things to check after receiving the Corvette top are the corners. We have found that the covers are the most likely area to sustain damage. We do check these before they ship but it might not be a bad idea to check them when you get the item. We have only seen one of these get damaged and it was one of the very first ones we sent out of the store. We have sent hundreds of these and only had that one problem. Your luck in receiving an undamaged part will be very high when you buy one of these Corvette tops.

3. We ship the Corvette tops with insurance in order to make sure that they arrive safely to your destination. If you are one of the rare unlucky people who do receive a damaged top then we can deal with it quickly because of the insurance we have placed on the item. Please keep in mind that we do get some fight back from the shipping company at times. We have already said that these have a very low rate of arriving damaged which means our experience with using the insurance claims has to do with items other than these transparent tops. We feel as if the process would be the same. We have experience in this area and know what to expect.

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