Why Get a Corvette C6 Suspension Upgrade

Upgrading your Corvette C6 suspension is a big deal. You may have several reasons for doing such a thing but it all comes down to what you are going to do with your car or how old the car is before you got it. If it has been sitting around for awhile then it might make sense to change the suspension to make sure it is as close to factory shipped as possible. You could also just want the car to perform better so that you enjoy your rides more than you already do. 

What Does the Suspension Do Anyway

The suspension actually has two roles. It keeps you from feeling the bumps, potholes, and other things that might ruin your enjoyment of the ride. It also aids in your ability to handle the road and braking. Both of these things are very important and could be of great importance to you in varying amounts. It really is up to the individual driver to figure out what they like and how they want their ride to feel when they consider getting a Corvette C6 suspension upgrade. Personal taste is what needs to be accounted for here and yours will tell you whether or not you should upgrade your supension system.

The Compromise

You may have noticed something up there and that is that the two goals of the suspension interfere with each other. It is this compromise between ride enjoyment and safety where the art of the suspension comes into play. It also gives you the place where people's suspensions taste vary. A person may like more handing and the other may like better safety. Choosing between the stock suspension and the Corvette C6 suspension upgrade will give a person the ability to choose between the two.

Different Suspension for Different Folks

if you want more performance out of your vehicle or if you just need to get it back to factory levels of performance then a Corvette C6 suspension upgrade might be the thing for you. It all comes down to who you are, how you like to drive, and what you need the card to do. Once you have all that figured out you can make an accurate assessment on what you actually need to enjoy your car at optimal levels. If owning a Corvette is about anything it is about pleasing the owner of the vehicle. You can impress other Corvette owners and the people who do not have a Corvette. However, what good does owing a Corvette do if a person does not enjoy the ownership of the vehicle? You should make yourself happy before you go off to try to impress others.

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