Why Upgrade Your 3-Inch Hitch

If you have a three-inch hitch then you might know the frustration that some people have with finding a three-inch hitch. The truth is that a lot of companies drug their feet when it came time to produce a hitch that could accommodate your specific truck. However, things have changed and you know can get a hitch that might be a big upgrade over the one you are currently using. You should take a look at the hitches we are going to talk about even if you love your current one. 

How can a person upgrade a hitch you ask? A person can get more functionality out of the hitch. Many hitches are made only to tow trailers behind them. They often do not have functionality outside of that usage. You can get hitches that do more than just that, or, at least, give you greater flexibility when you are thinking about towing cargo. What kind of flexibility are we talking about here? How about the flexibility to change hitch ball sizes.The thing you have to keep in mind before reading on is that the ball sizes are fixed based on what the company provides you. You cannot choose what sizes you want, however, if you find yourself needing different sizes even occasionally then this variation of a hitch might be just for you.

The hitch is called an 180-degree hitch because that is the degree you have to turn your ball to get the other size. You do not have to install another hitch to get the functionality of the ball size. The hitch system is specially designed so that you can do the action quickly and easily. You get the new ball size and you get the work done as fast as possible. You cannot do that with a regular hitch and that is an upgrade to your current 3-inch hitch.

The other type of upgrade you can get is a popular one that was not available for some time. It is Weigh Safe's popular hitch. The hitch is popular because it allows you to weigh your cargo and you load your cargo. There are no extra steps involved. You do what you normally do and the scale does the work of weighing that cargo by itself. All you have to do is make sure that you are not underweight or overweight. We all know that towing capacity is a key part of using a trailer and a Weight Safe hitch helps you haul your cargo where it needs to go safely.