Why You Need an AutoSock in Portland

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The winter of 2016 in the Portland metro area was interesting, to say the least. Most of the people around the city were caught off guard and cars were abandoned on the side of the road. It did not help that the weather reports on when the snow would touch down were not as accurate as we would like them to be. The snow that came, and never seemed to stop, arrived hours early at times. It also became very dangerous very quickly.

Most the problem is that no one was carrying any kind of traction device. Most people assumed they could leave their home or work early and avoid the snow. The winter taught us the folly of that thinking. The truth is that it is best to be ready for problems before they arrive. Of course, who wants to carry snow chains or cables around? Most people's vehicles are already hard pressed for space. Not to mention the fact that snow chains and cables can be difficult to attach to a vehicle. It is not a quick job. It takes time and effort to put them on and that time and effort is better spent trying to get out of the weather before it gets any worse.

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You could, of course, choose to use something that comes off and goes on very easily. You could choose something that is not as heavy as chains or cables. Let us be honest and say, upfront, they are not without their drawbacks of course. However, AutoSocks can be superior to other traction devices in many ways. The only place it lacks qualities you might want is in the durability area. If you drive too fast on chains or cables then you might break them. If you drive too fast while using Autosocks then you will break them. The difference between might and definite breakage is the only problem you will find with this solution.

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The speed at which you can install these items is unmatched. Chains can take a very long time to install especially because you only install them once a year. You might find yourself looking up instructions on the internet which is the last thing you want to do in the cold. The longer it takes you to put on the chains the harder it gets if you are outside when you are installing them. Every minute outside is another minute you are getting cold. You are losing finger dexterity in those minutes which can prolong your exposure to the elements. If you are wearing gloves while installing your chains then you might have trouble putting them on in the first place. Any activity that requires some measure of finger dexterity is going to be affected by the extra layer of cloth that glove provides. It is a catch-22. You need to install your chains so you can go somewhere safe to get warm but you are having trouble installing it because you are not somewhere warm. Using an Autosocks anywhere, including Portland, is easy because you do not need much hand or finger dexterity. You literally wrap them around your tires in minutes and you are ready to go.

If you do not want to get caught in a very surprising snow storm then you want to make sure you have AutoSocks in your vehicle for this winter. If you remember not to exceed 30 mph in a regular non-commercial vehicle then you will not damage the AutoSock. You also should avoid driving them on regular asphalt where there is no snow or ice. If you can follow these guidelines then you will find that getting an AutoSock for your very Portland winter is one of the best purchase decisions you will make.

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