Why You Should Get Your Corvette Transparent Top Now

Corvette transparent top

as seen from inside

the vehicle


No one likes it when the thing they want is sold out. Corvette transparent tinted removable roof panel tops are no different. In fact, they might be worse because they are a popular item and they can, do, and will sell out. It  may leave you without a top of your own and you do not want that to happen.

We can tell you a little truth about working with GM in supplying parts to you. GM is sometimes surprised at how fast an item moves off the shelf and runs out of production at times. It does not happen often but it does happen. Items that really should not sell out will and it can sometimes take a long while for GM to get back around to another production run because of the sheer number of parts and vehicles they produce. It might be one of the reasons that they have other companies produce parts for them. It is faster for them to get a vehicle out the door if they are getting high-quality parts from a manufacturer who is more than happy to produce the part for them. Everybody wins but, in this case, you could end up losing here because GM is producing these tops and they do tend to underestimate the demand for them. 

The roof panel here is the same as the blue panel pictured above it is black

because the picture was taken outside the vehicle.

Here are some common things people say when considering this part:

Why would I want a transparent top in the fall or winter time?

The answer is why would you not want one for the fall and winter. If you can look up and see the falling leaves, falling snow, or just raindrops then why would you not want to do that for yourself when you are parked. If you have a passenger then they can look up while you are driving and get the same experience.

Wait, is this thing transparent, blue, or black? I can't tell.

It is actually all three. It really depends on where you are when you are looking at the item, how the sun is hitting it, and where you are when you look at it. It can look like any of the three choices at different times based on those variables.