Why You Should Update Your Stingray Side Dash Pad

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Updating your side dash is a good thing to do because most people do not think about doing it at all. The side dash pad is like almost everything else in a car. We tend to leave it alone unless we have to replace it. Actually, this is far less likely if you own a really nice car like a Corvette. Most cars, and sometimes even in Corvettes, we ignore this piece for many reasons. It is on the passenger side which is not where the driver sits. The driver is usually the owner of the car so the other side of the car may not be as big of a priority. Another reason could be that most people are interested in updating the outside of their car. The interior of the car is usually an afterthought. We think about what other people see when we drive the car up and we do not think about what we see when we are driving the car. It seems like the person who drives the car should be getting the best experience but we are trained, as a society in general, that, "looking good is better than feeling good".

If you are talking about the interior of a car then we are talking mostly about "feel". It could be in the traditional sense or it could be the greater sense of the word which means how you feel about driving the car. Again, it seems like the driver of the car should be getting most of the luxury but it seems like that the people who view the car actually get most of the luxury. We do most of the work or spend more money to impress others, Why not pamper yourself first? Why not pamper the person next to you who is probably pretty important if they are riding in your car with you. Updating your passenger side dash pad can do that for you and your passenger.

Of course, if you are doing a competition then you want everything to be updated which includes your interior. The best way to do that is to actually update your interior with smart pieces. You need to get strategic pieces that will make an impact right away and one of those places that can do that is the dash. We mentioned before that most people ignore the passenger dash pad so if you are the person who upgrades that part and no ones else does then you are the one people will remember. You should take whatever advantage you can get and this might be the right one for you and your car. If you want a leg up on the competition and to make yourself feel better when in your car then you should try getting a passenger side dash pad update. It could be the upgrade you have been looking for all this time.

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