Why You Should Use Cadillac Genuine Parts

If you have a Cadillac then you understand what you have on your hands. The Cadillac is a gold standard of American ingenuity and pride. It is one of the oldest and best known American trademarks around. Everyone from the general person to the famous people know what a Cadillac is and they also know that they probably want one. There is a good reason why people mention their "Caddy" in many songs. People are proud owners of Cadillac made vehicles and they should be because they are a part of American history made in the past, the present, and the future.

If you have and love a Cadillac then you know that you are remiss to put any parts in it other than genuine OEM Cadillac parts. You might be able to get away with putting lower grade non-authentic parts in the vehicle for awhile, but you know that using genuine parts is always the best idea. Parts that were developed for the vehicle and carry the GM, the parent company, seal of approval can help improve the value of the automobile and help it function for a long time period.

The truth of the matter is that buying aftermarket parts can be good or it can be very bad. Aftermarket parts tend to be cheap but only because they do not have to adhere to the stringent standards of the original vehicle manufacturer. The vendors only need to follow their own set of standards. The standards could be good or bad depending on the nature of the company. It is the dice you roll when you decide to use aftermarket parts instead of genuine OEM parts. You could come out ahead but you might end up way behind. You need to ask yourself if the possibility of not doing very well it worth saving a few dollars because you never know what kind of company you are dealing with until you use the product.

What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket? OEM means that the vehicle manufacturer may have built the part you ordered, however ,it may also mean that the company who the vehicle manufacturer used for that specific part is the one who is selling the part. Aftermarket means that the part manufacturer had nothing to do with the vehicle manufacturer until after the vehicle had already rolled off the line. It also means that the part is not held up to the same standards as OEM parts and generally why the vehicle manufacturer voids the warranty if the use of aftermarket parts is detected. The vehicle manufacturer cannot guarantee how the part will react to the other parts or how the part will stand up over time since they had nothing to do with the part. 

The best thing to do when you need repairs is to ask for or buy GM OEM Cadillac genuine parts. They are made for your vehicle by the company who originally made them when they built your vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer has a pretty good idea how it will work and what it will do unless the item is defective off the line.   Getting parts that you are sure are going to work and be what your Cadillac need are exactly what you and your vehicle deserve. 

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