Would Your Best Friend Tell You to Use... OEM or Aftermarket Accessories?

The truth is that we all look for social proof for what we do before and sometimes after we take an action. Many of us ask friends and family about our decisions and lean on them for support and guidance. We may even use the Internet to try to decipher what the best course of action would be, however, one of the key areas that almost everyone asks for advice is when they buy a specific piece for a car, truck, SUV, van, or whatever. The transportation that a person uses tends to be a source of pride and joy. Many people spend a lot trying to keep their vehicle running and in good condition, therefore, trying to get advice from people who the person trusts is paramount to making a buying decision if at all possible. However, it begs the question which is what would your friend tell you to do if you asked them whether or not you should be buying OEM or aftermarket accessories. Yet, you might be thinking to yourself, “what is OEM? What is aftermarket? How are they different?”




OEM means that the original manufacturer is supplying the accessory. You may think that means that the company to which your vehicle belongs made the accessory, however, that would be a disingenuous assertion. The truth you will get an accessory from a company either the company who owns the line or the company that the line uses to make that part. For ease, let us call the company who owns the line of cards as company 1 and the company who they might be using to supply the accessory, if you bought the accessory already installed in the original purchase of your automobile, as company 2. You are getting a quality part either way because of the standards set by the company who owns that particular line of vehicles or company 1 in this example.




Aftermarket accessories are companies that do not have anything to do the vehicle you drive until after you have bought the vehicle. It does not mean that the products do not have quality, however, it is also means that the products may not have quality either. It really depends on the manufacturer of that particular accessory to police themselves. The bad part for you is that the qualities of the brands can fluctuate wildly and it will likely take trial and error to find reputable companies as some of them might only be looking to cut corners and make a quick buck.


The answer


Now that you know the difference between OEM and aftermarket accessories which one do you think your friend to tell you to use? The honest answer here is whether or not that friend has experience in the market place. If they do, then they might suggest an aftermarket part that is reputable, however, if they have never used a part the obvious answer they would give you is that they would direct you to the OEM parts because of the standards set by both company 1 and company 2. If you are going to get an accessory then you might as well get one that is guaranteed to work with your vehicle and one that was made to fit your vehicle’s specific specifications. You will know that you have the right accessory and it will not impede your safety in any way because it was made to be secure in the spot it will reside in after you install it.