z06 Rear Quarter Panels - What they Do / Where to Get Them

One of the things you do when you figure out more about your baby, or you car, as you know, is getting new z06 rear quarter panels. It is one of those things you do not think about when you first get the car because getting the car is the entry. You dreamed about getting that car and now you have it. We have talked about how the first level of Corvette ownership is impressing the regular person. Once you realize that you are impressing them then you get interested in impressing the other people who also own your car. You start noticing that their cars are different than yours. You notice how they are different and you get the idea pretty quick that you are not done impressing people. You are playing the second game of ownership which is impressing the regular person and the people who also own your car. You have to catch up then you have to get ahead.

Corvette z06 rear quarter panels are one of those items that take some experience to understand that you need them. You probably have seen other people driving around with them and then you had to find out why they looked different. You had to find the name of the part which probably is not an easy thing to do since you probably do not have a reference point to begin your search. It is a good thing for you because that means that you can get an upper hand on those people who do not know what this part is and what it even called. There is a saying that says, "in the land of the blind the guy with one eye gets to be king." If you know what something is called and where to get it then you gain a massive advantage over the other people who do not know what the thing is or even that they should get it. We can think about the "Gurney flap" or the wicker bill spoiler. The person who started using the flap for racing purposes intentionally hid the correct use of the flap to give himself and his driver an edge. He did not relinquish that edge till he was out of the industry. You can read more about the "Gurney flap" or wicker bill spoiler right here

If your quarter panels are carbon flash, or black, and you want them to the rest of the car then you might have to update your quarter panels. You can get the matching color to your car and be happy. It might have bothered you for a long time and you did not know how to find the part to fix the problem. You may have even resigned yourself to the fact that you might not be able to fix the problem. However, if you are on this page then you have found the answer. Time to get your car up to the level you really want it to be and the car you had in your mind when you bought it.

Of course, we should talk about performance. We know that the wicker bill spoiler or the Gurney flap gives performance benefits from the previous post linked in the second paragraph. If you are going to get z06 rear quarter panels then you should know that they also improve your performance. They change the direction of airflow to increase the performance of your car. It is the exact reason that the quarter panel has the extra scoop. You get the look and you get the performance benefits as well. It is the best of both worlds from buying one thing. 

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